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April 2015

(all the skymap images on this page have been created using

Continuing with the Messier theme in the month of April, here are the Messier objects which could be aimed for, early evening even for the city skywatches which maybe planned.

The above image shows all the Messier objects which are located for convenient viewing early in the evening. Some of these however, would not make much impact viewed from city skies with low apertures. A brighter selection from these (the maps below include stars to magnitude 8.5) :

Arranged according to brightness

  • M45 Pleiades Magnitude 1.6
  • M42 Orion Nebula Magnitude 4.0
  • M41 Open Cluster Magnitude 4.5
  • M44 Beehive cluster and M67 M44 is at magnitude 3.7 while M67 is magnitude 6.1

During April 2015 these two are close to Jupiter in the sky

  • M3 (NGC 5272) Globular Cluster Magnitude 6.5
  • M81 (NGC 3031) Bode's Galaxy Magnitude 6.9
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Page last modified on April 18, 2015, at 08:44 AM EST