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Planetarium activities during February 2020

1. Usage of the Jantar Mantar Observatory, Delhi

On February 4, Dr Rathnasree, Director Nehru Planetarium delivered a talk on the topic “ Towards the continued usage of the Jantar Mantar observatories as teaching Laboratories of positional Astronomy”, as a special lecture during the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) week at the ongoing Vigyan Samagam at the National Science Center showcasing India’s participation in Megaprojects in Science. This was followed by a walkthrough with practical observations by participants, of the Jantar Mantar observatory, on the 5th of February.

2. Sahapeadia Jantar Mantar Walkthrough

A walkthrough the Jantar Mantar observatory, with discussions and actual usage of the instruments for time and position measurements, was also conducted on the 12th of February by Dr. Rathnasree, as a part of the Heritage Baithaks of Sahapedia, a NGO working on Cultural Mapping of India.

3. Space Art Contest 2020

On 10th Feb, Planetarium conducted its Annual Space Art Contest 2020 at the Planetarium premises .The contest aims to bridge the gap between Art & Science and introduces children to a colorful world of Astronomy. For this contest we invite entries from schools in 3 different categories 6-8 years,9-12 years and 13-16 years. 38 schools with around 250 students participated in the event.

4. Journey through the Solar System

On February 13, 2020,Planetarium conducted a workshop “Journey through the Solar System” for the primary class students . During the workshop participants were engaged in sky discussion and were taken virtually through the solar system with the help of our sky theatre projection. The session was specially designed and visualisations integrated inhouse by the planetarium, for the younger classes. Following this, students were involved in hands-on activities where they painted different planets on blackened earthen pots.

5. Sun projection workshops for schools

As a part of outreach activity on February 14, Planetarium, in collaboration with Harper Collins India conducted a half Day workshop preparatory to the Annular Solar Eclipse of the June 21, 2020 at Heritage Children Academy, Milak (UP). The emphasis in this endeavour is to facilitate schools to construct a safe method of observing the eclipse, which will also enable the undertaking of some measurements with reasonable accuracies, as the expected outcome on the day of the eclipse.

6. Workshop/Lecture

On February 19, Planetarium organised a lecture on “Observing Black Holes: Reality and Myth” by the eminent scientist, Prof. Somak Raychoudhary, Director, Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune, at the seminar Hall in Library Building of NMML. The session was vibrant, highly interactive, and student questions/interactions as well as the lecture, were recorded for possible dissemination and outreach.

7. Talks and activities at the Vigyan Samagam

Dr. Rathnasree, gave two technical talks 1. Neutron Stars and Gravitational Waves, during the LIGO Week, on the 21st of February, and 2. Radio Pulsars - Milestones during the SKA week, on the 25th of February, at the Vigyan Samagam. She conducted a data handling workshop for students “Pulsar Hands-On” on the 25th and 26th of February, as afternoon sessions during the Vigyan Samagam. Coordination of all the talks and activities during the SKA (Square Kilometer Array) Week, were also being undertaken by the planetarium.

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