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Planetarium activities during January 2020

1. Universe in the Dome

Nehru Planetarium conducted workshops for undergraduate/post graduate students “Universe in the Dome” on the 12th and the 16th of January, using full dome visualizations. The workshops were to create awareness about, and provide preliminary training, to volunteers in the Vigyan Samagam organised at the National Science Center, by DST, DAE and NCSM. The dome interaction gave an overview of positional Astronomy and Multiwavelength views and discussions of the sky in the dome.

Dr. Rathnasree coordinated with the volunteer’s for the Square Kilometer Array project at the Vigyan Samagam and provided training for them at the National Science Center.

2. Pani Ki Kahani

Nehru Planetarium conducted a session with Dr. Madhu Pant on “Pani Ki Kahani” on January 21st. During her session with kids she discussed the physical, chemical and biological aspects of water, why water is unique, water as a creator, survivor, destroyer and reflection along with formation of rainbow. She narrated short science stories with poems and games related to water with the participants.

3. Solar Observation workshop

On January 24th Director Nehru Planetarium conducted a solar observations workshop at Delhi Public School Patna.

4. Astronomy Quiz

In collaboration with MARKSHARKS Education Pvt,Nehru Planetarium had hosted the MARKSHARKS’ – ISRO CHALLENGE 2019-2020,on January 27th . MARKSHARKS’ – ISRO CHALLENGE 2019-2020 is a written quiz test among all students from class 7th – 9th, with a total of 10 questions, 5 from Science and 5 from Maths. They have already conducted this quiz session with various schools out of which they have selected 180 students for which Planetarium was the Knowledge partner for the final rounds. Planetarium had created and conducted the quiz in dome format where sky theatre is utilized to make them give understanding on the night sky.

5. Life Story of a Star

Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, conducted a half day workshop "Life Story of a Star" on January 28th, 2020. The workshop had interactions with dome visualisations on stars and stellar evolution. The exciting topic of the recent dimming of the star Betelguese was also discussed with the participants. Followed with the sky theatre interactions from 9:30 to 11:30, students also participated in "Deep Sky Rangoli" - creation of images of specific deep sky objects like the Orian Nebula, Crab Nebula etc.

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