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This site is for archiving print and electronic media related material on the Astronomy education activities of the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, from 2007 - to date.

Press Reports about astronomy education activities held at the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi

Press reports giving information about celestial events

Press reports related to the Total Solar Eclipse July 22 2009

On the arrangements at the Planetarium for viewing the eclipse which was partial as seen from Delhi

The following image taken by a reporter during the planetarium skywatch

is reported here:

The following photograph taken by a reporter at the planetarium skywatch:

is from the report on this location:

On statewide activities in Madhyapradesh preparing for the eclipse, in collaboration with the MP Council of science and technology

All press reports Related to Jantar Mantar?, its calibration and awareness activities.

Related to light pollution awareness and measurement activities

Press reports related to light pollution concerns in India, from sources other than our group

Related to Venus

Related to Mars

Related to Meteor Showers and city's light pollution

Related to the Pir Ghaib Observatory

Related to Comet Holmes

Related to Amateur Astronomy Activities

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