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There has been a lot of work input towards calibration of Jantar Mantar instruments at Delhi and Jaipur, towards awareness activities and towards putting together material for an easy understanding of the usage of the Jantar Mantar instruments - from 2004 to-date. However, it has just not been put together online in an easily accessible manner. This page will be an attempt to put together all the astronomy work related to the Jantar Mantar Observatories, done by our group from Delhi.

There are other major conservation efforts, of course, both at Delhi and at Jaipur, and perhaps at Ujjain and at Varanasi. These conservation efforts relate to the masonry and basic structure of the instruments and their preservation. These are not discussed here, as we do not have the necessary expertise in these areas. We are working together with the conservations experts in Delhi and Jaipur, giving them the necessary astronomy inputs for the renovation of the instruments.

Related to the actual astronomical usage of the instruments, there has been a lot of work from our group at Delhi, and it will be attempted to put all of it together, on this page.

The Jantar Mantar Observatories

Positional Astronomy and the Jantar Mantar observatory instruments

(The pages are yet under construction)

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