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Student Projects in Astronomy

This page contains some reports of student projects in astronomy, undertaken since the beginning of 2009. There are also many interesting projects undertaken by students between 1999-2009, which will also be slowly added to the site. All these projects had active support and guidance from the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, but also depended on students'own learning as also additional mentoring they obtained from various people and institutions.

This section of the wiki aims to be of help also to students looking for new projects to do. Discussion and learning pages in the existing projects will be found useful. There are also some overall tutorials prepared by astronomers/scientists and educators which would be useful. More Tutorials will be added soon.

(The content on these pages is put up by students who have edit passwords for their own pages)

(An alert for all students : Please back up and keep a copy of all material that you add to the wiki, as a safe backup, as this is a public wiki and material could be lost from the wiki pages)


Skype workshops to facilitate student projects in Astronomy

Student Projects

  1. A statistical study of degree of polarisation of pulsars from a sample obtained through European Pulsar Network profiles? - Project undertaken by Devansh Agarwal (IISER, Thiruanathapuram) and Ankit Singh (Delhi University)
  2. Calibration observations with the Karka Rasi Valaya : The instrument on the Back wall of the Misra Yantra? Student work which lead to a published paper in the Indian Journal of History of Science.
  3. Measurement of lunar brightness changes during a penumbral eclipse, using amateur astrophotographs Project completed by Anurag Garg and published in Resonance.
  4. Determining speed of rotation of Sun and investigating morphology of sunspots Project completed by Combodge Bhist and Siddharth Rana, of NIT, Surathkal
  5. Sunspot image processing Siddarth Singh and Vinay Ambat, Delhi Technological University
  6. Project on masonary errors of the Ram Yantra Being done currently by Megha Rajoria and Sneh Kesari
  7. Amateur radio telescope instrumentation Tushar Sharma, MSIT, GGSIP University, Delhi
  8. DSLR Camera imaging for sky brightness measurements
  9. Radio Telescope making Charitarth Vyas, NIT Surat
  10. Radio Telescope at DTU Umesh Agarwal and Rahul Pokriyal, DTU
  11. IIT Delhi Astronomy Club Activities
  12. Project on pulsars by Saloni Bhatiani, Venkateswara college
  13. Measurement of relative angular diameters of the Sun and the Moon during the January 15th annular solar eclipse by VSSC Central School, Thiruvananthapuram
  14. St. Peter's College, Agra Astro Club Activities
  15. Sanskriti School Physics Club
  16. Degree of Polarisation studies of pulsars through online database studies A data analysis project by Devansh Agarwal and Ankit Singh
  17. A student collaborative planetarium program ? - A planetarium program on Radio Astronomy with IIT Kanpur students

Student projects from 1999-2009

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